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Please be aware there are some rules and guidelines to setting appointments. Many of the these are governed, that is to say, we are following a law. 

1. Redemptions are done via scheduled appointment only. Just showing up will not allow us to release property back. 


2. We need some lead time. Mostly to make sure your paper work has been received by your lien holder.  Many times, your lien holder will take up to 4 hours before we received the paper work. Thus, we can not accept an appointment request until we have received all your paperwork. You can make the request anytime, but we can not confirm the appointment until the paper work is in order. 


3. Just because you requested an appointment does not mean it is set.  Your appointment is not set until we confirm it. You will receive an email or text message confirming the appointment. 

4. You will need the last six numbers of the vehicle identification number (VIN). We may not be able to release that to you. 

There are two types of appointments you can schedule. 

1. Getting both the vehicle and the contents located inside back - "vehicle redemption"

If you scheduling to get both (vehicle and contents) then select "vehicle redemption". Only select this if all of your paper work is in order and the we have permission to release the vehicle back to you. If you do not have permission to get the vehicle back but want to get the contents of out, see #2.


2. Getting just the contents that are inside back - "property redemption"

This is when you want to get back what is located inside the vehicle. We do not always need permission from your lien holder to release personal property back to you; they may have their own form however.  You might get the vehicle back later but for now you just want to get the contents, you will want this option. 

When you are ready, and everything is in order, click the button below. Follow the instructions on this next screen. 

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