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About Us

31 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheel // 

  Prairie Land Services, Inc. is a Kansas Corporation established in 1986 in Wichita, KS. It began with a staff of two, competing for business with established agencies. It has grown to a large staff with annual referrals from local, regional and national accounts.

  Our management team is committed to providing the service and results you expect. To that end, employees are Certified Asset Recovery Specialist which is (CARS) a National Certification Program and VTS certified.

  Prairie Land Services, Inc. is also a member of the Time Financial Adjusters, CARS., Allied Finance Adjusters and RISC. We attend annual conferences which support, train and certify us as compliant with CFPB.

 Click on the Allied Icon. Then click on the blue bar/button which will download all of our certificates and documentation. 

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